About EBI

Our background and mission

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An Unmet Need

Acute inflammatory responses with debilitating effects on patients’ outcomes

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Immune modulating polypeptides derived from the human pregnancy hormone

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In the pipeline

Acute Kidney Injury, systemic inflammation after irradiation treatment & more

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Leveraging internal & external expertise

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EBI is developing a novel class of therapeutics

Our therapeutics are designed to specifically address exaggerated inflammatory responses.

Systemic inflammatory response syndrome

There is a significant unmet medical need for fast-acting drugs that target the ongoing exaggerated systemic immune response in order to prevent severe, long-term organ damage.

Polypeptides derived from human pregnancy hormone

EBI’s lead product is based on a polypeptide derived from the human pregnancy hormone that suppresses the immune response. It is currently being tested in a Phase II clinical trial. The study is anticipated to finish early 2018.


EBI will first develop its lead product as a therapeutic for Acute Kidney Injury. Future indications include complications due to systemic inflammation after irradiation treatment.

Our partners

EBI’s management team collaborates closely with its Scientific Advisory Board and external advisors to leverage their expertise for the full development of EBI’s product pipeline. EBI actively engages in new partnerships to successfully bring this product to the market.


Contact us for more information or to discuss business or partnering opportunities.